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What for do we need RIS-P strategy?

Highly developed countries in purposeful and organized manner engage highest polity administration level, all local government administration levels and public sector to realize development policy serving  knowledge-based economy creation.

This postulate results from facts, that in modern world economic predominance and permanent development can be attained by this countries, which invest in education and support research and implementation of modern technologies.

Authorities of this countries actively support private productive sector with public finances in order to its being able of fast and effective implementation of scientific research findings to industry. In many countries such as USA, Canada, Japan and in EU countries (Germany, France, Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, etc.) from over 20 years complex development strategies, serving foregoing purpose, are being realized. Such strategies are being called country or regional innovation strategies. European Union, which as its main aim for nearest decades took necessity of catching up the most innovative economies in the world – USA and Japan, deemed creation of regional innovation strategies as the most important regional development programming document.

In concern of regional firms innovation strengthening and better usage of regional R&D potential, in may 2003 the Pomorskie Voivodeships Executive Board initiated realization of Regional Innovation Strategy for Pomorskie Voivodeship (RIS-P).  RIS-P strategy has been unanimously approved by the Pomeranian Parliament on 22 of December 2004.

Innovation strategies compose groundwork of general regional development strategies, which contain all permanent development aspects, such as social issues, public health and environment protection, public safety, education and so on. Innovation strategies which create economic predominance are future “tax income generators”, without which no development will be possible.

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